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    Move some money into a savings account as soon as your pay check appears. If it's accessible until the end of the month you'll just spend it!

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    Steer clear of Walmart, Safeway and the like if you only need a pint of milk or you'll end up with a trolley full of stuff, guaranteed!

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    Prioritize your outgoings for the month, then identify where you can cut down until you have your finances under control.

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    Have the equivalent of three months' worth of wages in a savings account that you can access easily in an emergency.

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    Live off a set cash amount for all your purchases this week. If you can't swipe your card for a Starbucks or new clothes, you'll soon think twice.

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    Share the responsibility. Make sure you're not the only member of your household concerned about your budget.

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    Always pay off everything on your credit card. Never pay the minimum...do not pay for money!

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    Its wise to expect the unexpected. A budget should include an amount to be put aside each month for emergencies, such as repairs, illness or job loss

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    For one week, write down everything that you spend and analyse where your money goes. Do you really need to spend that much on food?!

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    Cut bad habits like smoking and drinking.

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    Use cash. Take out enough to last one week at a time. Make up your mind that the cash you have is all you get for discretionary expenses each week.

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    When using credit cards, use one as your main card and the other(s) as back up.

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    Installing low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators can reduce your water consumption as much as 50%.

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    Make it a habit to stop and think right before you spend any money. Consider, is purchase or expense worth it?

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    To be on-line in Spain without paying the expensive roaming costs, you can use portable router rental services like tripNETer

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    Act as if your credit card is a debit card.

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    When preparing a household budget, dont forget to include even small regular ones. That $3 for your daily latte equals nearly $1,000 a year.

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    Determine the amount of your budget that you can afford to save each month. Have it direct-deposited to your savings account.

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    Pay Down Debt. Choose only one of your credit cards and pay it down first while paying the minimums on the others. Then move onto the next card.

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    If your bank supports it, have a small portion of your paycheck be automatically put into a savings or retirement account such as an IRA.

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    In an era of ever-increasing baggage fees, show up to the airport with as little to check in as possible by shipping all your items and gifts.

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    Pay yourself first. Make saving a top priority before paying other bills.

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    Use cash instead of a debit card when making purchases to avoid overspending.

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    Buy used when you can. Clothing, toys and home decor can all be purchased cheap from thrift shops and yard sales.

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    Budgeting Tips

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    Avoid eating out and pizza delivery. Learn to experiment with different recipes to spice up food choices.

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    Save money on gas by emptying any unused heavy items sitting in the trunk of your car.

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    If you're paid inconsistently, divide your income over the past year by 12. Use that as your monthly budget.

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    Go shopping with a friend. You will be able to take advantage of 2 for 1 offers on food that you might not have used alone.

  • 29

    Be sure to eat before going to the supermarket, hope this will make a difference :)

  • 30

    When planning your personal finances, make several broad spending categories and allocate a certain weight to each in order of its importance & value

  • 31

    Take time at the end of each day or week to note down major expenses, use this as a record to see where you spend your money.

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    Get out your weekly budget in cash and hide all your cards. You will prioritize your spending with a limited amount of money in your wallet.

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  • 33

    label envelopes with bill names. Stick the money in the envelopes. What's left is your extra money. No more overspending!

  • 34

    To be able to control your budget, always write down any expense you made. Design your own spreadsheet or use existing software, like Finance41, etc.

  • 35

    Leave credit/debit card in car (hidden) and only carry cash when shopping or browsing in malls.

  • 36

    Give every purchase 24 hours time before you buy it. after 24 hours if you still feel you need it, then close your eyes and buy it.