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    Just get going! Open a Word document, start writing now and don't put it off until the last minute.

  • 2

    Stay focused on the title and check back to make certain you're keeping to the subject.

  • 3

    Clarify your task at the start: make sure that you know what is required by summing up your basic argument in one sentence.

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    Collect and record information, but be selective and focused. Ask: "Would the Lone Ranger keep this for his essay?"

  • 5

    Start with the easy stuff and keep going. Write quickly to get that first draft done, then fine tune later.

  • 6

    Don't do it yourself but make it look like you did.

  • 7

    Remember: editing and revision are the best ways to make a good paper into a great paper.

  • 8

    Research. Research. Research. The better understanding you have on your topic, the stronger your paper will be.

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  • 9

    When working on an essay, never stray too far from the thesis; the thesis is the heart of the essay, so every idea has to circulate back to it.

  • 10

    Reduce your words! If you can get the same point across with half the words you will sound more concise and present a better essay.

  • 11

    Vary your sentence structure and practically use an adjective for every noun. This will make mediocre writing seem better

  • 12

    Start with an outline first that pins down all the major points that are worth mentioning and that will add weight to your overall case.

  • 13

    Outline first. Your college essay will be better organized and you'll be sure to cover all the main points.

  • 14

    Before you start writing, make a mind-map to group all your arguments. Use this to create a logical structure, and thus a persuasive essay.

  • 15

    If you find a good paper on the topic you're writing about, its bibliography will be a better place than Google to find further useful resources.

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