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    Laptops use 70% less energy than desktop computers

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    Anticipate when driving. Keeping a constant speed rather than over-breaking and accelerating can cut your gas consumption - and costs - by 30%.

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    There's little point in having an energy-efficient heating system if the walls, windows and attic of your home are poorly insulated.

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    When replacing appliances, only buy Energy Star rated products, choosing the products that offer the lowest water or power consumption possible.

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    Turn down the heating thermostat by 3 degrees to save 10% on your bills. I bet you know this... But do you do it?

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    Get rid of junk mail. Sign up on DMAchoice.org and remove yourself from pre-screened credit card offers, magazine and catalog offers and more.

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    Replace inefficient and single pane windows with energy efficient multi-pane, thermally-broken, vinyl-framed windows.

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    If you live in a cold climate the most important thing you can do is improve your insulation.

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    Ask yourself if you really need an SUV or large car, or at least consider a hybrid version.

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    Switch to energy saving lightbulbs. Add timers and motion sensors to save even more.

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    LED light bulbs last 25x as long as traditional incandescent bulbs. They also use only about 20-25% of the energy.

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    Use light colored curtains to help sunlight get into and warm the room.

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    The most affordable, effective way to better insulate your home is through the attic.

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    If you're going to be gone from the office for a long period of time, consider unplugging your computers to save energy!

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    Chill out and save! Defrosting frozen food in the refrigerator helps keep the refrigerator cold.

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    Pick up a "smart" power strip that will auto-shut down devices that aren't in use to save energy.

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    If you touch your hot water heater and it's warm you're wasting energy. Wrap a big doona around it for extra insulation!

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    In the cold months, set the thermostat to 20C (68F) when home, and then back to 13C - 20C (55- 68F) when unoccupied.

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    Keep lights clean, dirt absorbs light. Oil from your skin can damage the bulbs so use a small piece of paper to hold the bulb.

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    Run full loads in your washer and dryer, and use "solar drying" (clotheslines)

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    Unplug your televisions/VCR when you're on vacation. Most new sets draw power even when they're turned off.

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    Plant trees and shrubs on the south and west side of your residence it will help insulate your building reducing thermal gain.

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    Plug your entertainment center and computer gear into a power strip so you can turn everything off when your not using it. No more energy vampires.

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    Use a timer on your thermostat, and set it to turn the heating down a few degrees when everyone will be out of the house.

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    Energy Saving Tips

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    Switch from paper air filters to the ones you can clean yourself and Save $ on replacements. Clean them often so your AC doesn't have to work as hard.

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    A ceiling fan on low cost about $7 a month to run constantly so turn them off when not in the room.

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    Sleep with an overhead fan instead of pumping the AC throughout the entire house. Shut doors and vents of unused rooms.

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    Cut back on lighting fixtures and costs by using bright wall colors (white is best) and curtains to reflect daylight into your rooms.

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    If applicable, learn about the varying charges set by your power provider to perform tasks like washing and ironing during the cheapest time slots.

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    Replace old air conditioning and heating units with energy efficient models. It's a high upfront cost, but you can see dramatic savings each month.

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    Check for drafts around windows and doors. Air coming in means heat going out. Replace drafty windows and doors or use caulk and weatherstripping.

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    Save gas by emptying any unused heavy items sitting in the trunk of your car.

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    Stop using standby - turning all your appliances and chargers off at the wall could save your family around $55 per year.

  • 34

    When buying appliances, choose one with the lowest wattage and/or best EU energy rating (A+++) to make energy and financial savings in the long term.

  • 35

    Thick curtains at all windows...in winter they keep the heat in...in summer keeps the heat/sun out...saves on heating/cooling bills

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    If you drive to work...take bus to work 1 or 2 days per week if possible. Also consider car pooling

  • 37

    If you have kids that leave lights on, install motion activated light switches that will turn your lights off automatically.

  • 38

    You get 99+ mpg while your car is coasting (down a hill for example.) The more you can coast the better avg mpg you will get.

  • 39

    That old tv may be costing you big $$$ An energy star 50" LCD TV only uses an avg of $20 a year in electricity!

  • 40

    Programmable thermostats can lower your bill by 25% or more and there are gov't rebates that pay up to $50 to purchase them.