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    Be kind and considerate: treat your date as you would hope to be treated yourself.

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    Be prepared: avoid any awkward silences by thinking of conversation topics and open questions in advance.

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    Choose the location carefully. You should: meet in public, be able to make your excuses if it really doesn't work out and reflect a common interest.

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    Put away that Blackberry! What could be more of a turn off than someone who is constantly texting their friends during a date?

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    Leave your emotional baggage at home. Unless a past relationship was so wild that it was made into a Fox mini-TV series, don't bore your date.

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    Be funny but not goofy. Show that you have a sense of humor about life in general and the funny situations that erupt.

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    Turn off your phone or put it on vibrate. If you text, you're saying that you're disinterested.

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    For men, be masculine. Be socially confident, take the lead, be emotionally strong and respectful to both yourself and others.

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    Don't take things for granted, be a bit challenging and unpredictable. Building anticipation also helps.

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    Don't put the other person on a pedestal. Be yourself and be comfortable and recognize the date isn't an interview where you're trying to impress.

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    Try to find common grounds of interest to start a lively conversation on the first date and have your partner completely engaged in the experience.

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    Kiss or hug when you first greet your date; this will make it easier to initiate further physical contact later if the date goes well.

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    If you're enjoying yourself, tell your date. It will give them a confidence boost to help ensure they relax and have a good time too.

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    Never expect sex on the first date.

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    Don't be afraid to show off your shape, just not in a very low-cut or bondage look.

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    For men, maintain good posture to help yourself feel confident. Don't overdue it by arching your back however. Also keep your head up!

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    Men should not wear black crocs or sneakers in place of dress shoes. It makes you look like a little boy.

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    Wear high heels. The higher the heel, the better you feel!

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    Be confident. Perfect your mindset in any situation. Don't worry about what other people are thinking.

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    For men, try to be charming. Chivalry is not dead. Think "smooth" and considerate. Compliment a woman on her efforts to look good for you.

  • 21

    When dining, try sticking with foods that are easy to handle and won't explode in a greasy mess. For example, avoid chinese dumplings.

  • 22

    I have found it helpful to bring a compact mirror for doing a quick visual check. For example, herbs between the teeth can be a real turnoff.

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    Listen to your date. It may be hard to concentrate when you are nervous, but be sure to pay attention to what she/he is actually saying.

    Beth L
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    Keep it short. A date that lasts an hour or two will whet their appetite for more and give you both some relief if it's not going well.

    Beth L
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    First Date Tips

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    Invite conversation. A movie, concert or loud bar aren't the best choices for a date since you can't really talk.

    Beth L
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    Don't over speak, let them talk more, make them feel good and ask them interesting questions

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    Class, sex appeal, brains and confidence. People don't like people who are sad.

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    Good hygiene ladies and gentlemen. Shower, brush your teeth, bring gum, and avoid shirts that may show sweat spots (grey, blue and light colors)

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    Try to pick an activity to do. It brings out people's personalities and provides a source of conversation.