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    For Stripers go in the morning or at dusk and go where there are strong currents.

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    Most of the time the local bait shops will give you good advice on what is working if you ask them.

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    When surf-fishing, bring a filet knife and clean your fish on the beach.

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    Polaroid sunglasses reduce surface glare on the water and are your window into the fish's world.

    Mr Zeus
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    If you're ocean fishing, look for groups of birds over the water as they may be diving for small fish being driven up to the surface by bigger fish.

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    Always wet your hands before touching a fish.

    Mr Zeus
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    Noise travels five times further in water than it does in air, so remember to keep your movements to a minimum.

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    Tidy up meticulously when your session is over. Don't leave a scrap of trash behind.

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    Show patience and self control. Don't keep changing locations - too much movement reduces your chance of success.

    Mr Zeus
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    Synthetic bait like the PowerBait and live bait such as meal worms and grasshoppers are the best bait options when it comes to catching trout.

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    When fishing for catfish the best time is directly before a storm. The barometric pressure drops, fish feel that. They begin feeding more.

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    Fish like structure, whether it's a reef, a jetty, a downed tree, a dropoff or anything else, start with structure.

  • 13

    Catch your own bait on location. Save money, plus you'll know that food item is available there.

  • 14

    When fishing with children, give them light gear or traps or nets to catch bait. Entertaining for them, useful for you.