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    Don't be afraid of rejection when you make that first move. At some stage you have to take a risk to make the relationship happen.

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    Make eye contact and be yourself. You can't keep up a false persona for ever.

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    Smile! Just an approachable, happy to meet you version, though, rather than an over-bright and plastic smile.

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    Listen. Don't be thinking about the next chat-up line - respond to their love of travel/thimbles/ancient history with a spontaneous question.

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    We all want to find someone with a sense of humor. Don't confuse this with cracking jokes: try some banter or a bit of gentle teasing.

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    Don't sit with other women the entire night and constantly talk to each other. Men don't want to be rejected in front of a group, so separate out.

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    Mimicking the body language of the person your talking too subconsciously makes them more receptive too you.

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    Learn to receive compliment graciously. When someone says something positive about you, don't deny or refute it. Instead, thank them.

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    Look over your shoulder and smile at him. This clearly communicates interest. Later move to a position nearby him so he can easily approach.

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    Try to remember everything about the other person. That way if you see them again later on they'll be impressed by your memory recall and feel special

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    Want to know if a person is into you? Look at their feet. If they are pointed away from you they aren't interested in the conversation and vice versa.

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    Flirt with everybody. Make it a gift to others because flirting feels good to both of you. Don't just use it as a mating tool.

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    Look and feel 50% more appealing by walking with your soldiers back and down and your head up high, no matter how you feel. Body language is key

  • 14

    Never make yourself too available. People like mystery and enigma and the thrill of the chase when dating.

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    Try to come up with one compliment about the way they look and be friendly when saying it. Note: Usually it's best not to open with a compliment.

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    A little torture builds a man's anticipation so that when you finally do pounce, every touch is extra delicious.

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    Your body language is as important as what you're saying. Try to point your body towards them, have good posture and try to establish touch.

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    If you're a guy don't try to act too interested in her. It'll come off as though you're lonely. Just be fun and enjoy the moment for what it is.

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    Hold eye contact with your romantic interest for a second longer than normal. If they keep your gaze, you'll know they're interested too.

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    Keep your hands on the table between you; you'll appear more open and provide more opportunity for initiating physical contact.

  • 21

    Playfully tease, also known as a "neg". It demonstrates higher value, resulting in a need for acceptance.

  • 22

    remember: the word of "hi" always gets one answer to move forward. don't save it for better moments.

  • 23

    If you're going to compliment him/her try to make it an original one.

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    Try to be articulate without looking like you're trying too hard. Engage the other person in conversation with an interesting and unique subject.

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    Smile, and lean towards them but make it subtle. Scientifically speaking the more interested someone is the more they lean towards the other person.

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    Ask About Them. Get to know them and be interested in the other person's story.

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    Think about things you enjoy and talk about them (you will never run out of things to say). Conversation comes from you, him/her or the environment.

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    Guys: Military posture, eye contact, shoulders facing away during conversation and look at her lips here and there.

  • 29

    Guys: Keep the first date to an hour and make sure you touch her elbow or shoulder twice. Listen to her and ask her questions. Do not fear silence.

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    Read a lot about everything.. You need to be funny yes but impress her or him with your all round knowledge..