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    Wear the right clothes. Check ahead on the dress code at a course you're playing to avoid last-minute, expensive purchases from the pro shop.

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    Start with half a set of clubs, and make them second hand ones until you know you're committed.

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    Enjoy yourself! Remind yourself that golf is a leisure sport, you're not Tiger Woods (yet) and that it takes a while to become proficient.

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    If you're sharing a golf cart, try to opt out of being the driver if you're a newbie, as it's just another thing to have to focus on.

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    There are iPod-ready golf tips at Worldgolf.com, allowing you to gen up on your technique whilst on the move.

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    To hit high out of a sand trap next to a green, open you club face, rotate your stance, and aim 2 inches before the ball.

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    If you swing hard with some of your clubs, for example your driver, put your back foot back about 3 inches and play the power draw for a straight shot

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    To get really good you have to play regularly and continually refine your technique.

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    Golf Magazine has great little tips that help your game

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    If you're taking up golf, head down to your nearest car boot sale - there are nearly always good golf clubs being sold at affordable prices.