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    A good answer to the 'What are your strengths?' question would be how you enjoy new challenges and tackle them in an organized manner.

    James Bros
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    Prepare beforehand and research the company, the people, the culture, etc. Be prepared to match your skills and background to the company's needs.

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    Don't forget to turn off your cell phone.

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    Don't be afraid to ask your interviewer questions about the company, culture and job position. It shows interest.

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    Dress appropriately for the interview based on the job title and wear something you feel confident in.

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    Think before you speak. Think about what the interviewer most likely wants to hear and tailor your responses to that without seeming fake.

    zen master
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    Know the answers to tough general questions like 'Describe yourself', 'What are your strong points' beforehand.

    zen master
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    Do NOT be late. That is an instant fail and you will not get the job. Instead arrive a little early and show that you value their time.

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    Try to stay positive throughout the interview. If you don't know an answer or have the right skillset try to put a positive spin on it.

    zen master
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    It is best to respond to questions with specific points and examples. Vague or general answers come across negatively.

    zen master
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    Before you go in for an interview make sure your Facebook profile is set to private so employers don't snoop.

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    Less is more sometimes. Don't make jokes, don't flirt, don't babble, watch out for your own nervous mannerisms like tapping your knees, etc.

  • 13

    Bring in a few copies of your resume with you in case your interviewer does not have yours handy.

  • 14

    'Tell me about yourself' really means 'tell me about your job skills and career so far' more than 'tell me about your personal life.'

    James Bros
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    Be careful about giving the impression that you are planning to 'use' the company when they ask you where you see yourself in the future.

    James Bros
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    When asked why you left your last job avoid talking negatively about your former employer at all costs. Minimize any personality concerns.

    James Bros
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    Establishing rapport with the interviewer is important so expect to spend a little time doing so.

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    Be able to summarize your resume to the interviewer in about 30 seconds in case they haven't had time to prepare for you.

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    Interviewers may try to throw you off balance by asking a wild question. Don't panic, they just want to see you think on your feet.

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    Have a detailed description of your past employment history ready and be prepared to answer questions about it.

    zen master
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    Be wary of giving past salary figures to prospective employers or you could lose out on a nicer salary for the same job. Research your salary!

  • 22

    A good answer to the 'What are your weaknesses?' question would be that you have trouble leaving the office behind when you go home in the evenings.

    James Bros
  • 23

    If you feel as though a question asked you is inappropriate, ask the interviewer to explain what they mean.

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    If you interview with the right skills and experience and simply come across as nice, smart and fun you'll nail it.

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    Consider yourself a problem solver when going in for an interview and not a job seeker.

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    Saying that your greatest weakness is that you "work too hard" can set off warning bells to a hiring manager as it sounds like a cliche.

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    When appropriate ask the interviewer about their own career progression to see how you might progress yourself within the company.

  • 28

    If you tell the interviewer you'll send a list of references tomorrow morning, make sure you do it. Being punctual speaks volumes about you.

  • 29

    If you know someone who knows the interviewer, ask them after your interview if they would put in a good word for you.

  • 30

    Get to the interview about 15 minutes early but don't get there too early. Wait in the car or freshen up in the bathroom if you need to.

  • 31

    If you were layed off or fired at your last job and the interviewer inquires, be honest and keep it short and professional.

  • 32

    In group interviews try to relax. Know you can't always please everyone so be yourself and find the interviewers that seem the most responsive to you.

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  • 33

    Try to show a youthful impression of yourself if you're older. Have white teeth, know the popular Internet sites well, brush up on culture, etc.

  • 34

    If you make a mistake or feel like you've made a mistake during an interview then apologize if necessary and completely forget about it.

  • 35

    If there's a long pause by the hiring manager after you answer your question know that it might be a tactic by them to see if you start babbling.

  • 36

    Practicing with another person beforehand can help you feel more comfortable during the real thing.

  • 37

    Have good manners. Dress well, don't chew gum or smell like smoke, maintain good eye contact, use a firm handshake when greeting, etc.

  • 38

    Sit up straight and lean forward just a bit to communicate interest in the position.

    John Styles
  • 39

    Don't ask salary questions too early in the process. Don't ask questions about the company that you can find easily online.

  • 40

    If you have a low GPA it may be best to leave it off your resume. The same may go for too high a GPA depending on the job!

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  • 41

    If you have exceptional facial hair features make sure it's trimmed!

  • 42

    In case employers call your phone make sure that your voice mail works and sounds professional enough.

  • 43

    Treat other people you encounter with courtesy and respect. Their opinions of you might be solicited during hiring decisions.

  • 44

    Be thorough in your responses, while being concise in your wording.

  • 45

    Always have enough questions that cannot be answered through research via the company website

  • 46

    Answer the interviewers questions in a direct and concise manner.

  • 47

    Identify your needs and match them to the needs of an employer.

  • 48

    Dress in a manner that your position calls for.

  • 49

    Be prepared to have an interview during lunch. Stick with soup or small dishes that are easy to handle and won't explode in a greasy mess.

  • 50

    Make sure you smile!