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    Investor.gov is a free, neutral website which will help you learn about financial products and check out investment companies and professionals.

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    Before you begin to invest money, map out an asset allocation plan to stick by. Make it diversified and systematically rebalance it over time.

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    Be careful to avoid investing in stocks based on like or dislike of the company. Deciding to invest is harder than deciding to like or dislike.

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    Don't try to play the common game of "timing" the market by handpicking domestic equity stocks. Ultimately most people lose money doing this.

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    Investors armed with basic investment principles, well-defined goals, and a reasonable self-awareness increase the likelihood of investment success.

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    Consider investing in a nonprofit mutual fund instead of a for-profit fund. These funds generally do well and don't charge as many fees.

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    Always use strong risk management for your orders. It will help to save your money.

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    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Steer clear of opportunities that offer no risk and guaranteed high-returns. They don't exist.

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    Understand that there are costs associated with buying, managing and selling investments which can have a massive effect on the value of your savings.

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    Pay off high-interest debts first, as the interest you're paying on them will outstrip the benefits of savings.

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    Are your objectives short term (going on vacation) or long term (getting kids through college)? Less risky strategies often yield lower returns.

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    You don't have to put a percentage of you paycheck into your 401k/Retirement fund, you can put a dollar amount if it helps you with budgeting.

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    Open a Roth IRA early and contribute regularly.

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    If your 401k loses value over the year but you're still young, don't fret, it's a long term investment. If anything you want the market going down.

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    Start saving now! There are huge advantages to starting early.

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    If your employer has a 401K/Pension option take advantage, even putting a little away will help in the long run.

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    To reduce management shareholder conflict of interest risk, look for companies with high levels of insider ownership.

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    A modest amount of investment in US Treasury Bonds is good for portfolio diversification, serving as a hedge against financial accidents and deflation

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    Never invest in a stock that you hear about in an email. Such stocks are common scams called "pump and dumps."

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    Take profits as your investments go up in value. Don't hold and sell all of your position at once.

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    Cut losses early. If a stock drops 7% - 8%, take the loss and move on.

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    Always do your own due diligence; don't let anyone make your investment decisions for you.

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    Options trading provides a greater degree of versatility than traditional investment vehicles, allowing you to adapt to changing market conditions.

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    Stocks move in cycles. Do NOT sell just because it went down, sell because you think it will go lower and sell when you think it is at its peak.

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    Invest in stocks that pay dividends.

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    The entire stock market has been captured by the major central banks of the world lead by the Federal Reserve. Do not invest in the "markets".

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    perfect investments pays back in 1-2 year,good ones 2-4 years, average 4-8 years, below average 8+ years.doubling in 6 months offer is probably a con.