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    NO makeup has a shelf life of more than three years. If you've had it longer than this, throw it out.

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    Don't get stuck in a makeup rut. We all know people who looked great in their heyday but haven't moved on to a more up-to-date style.

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    If you want to learn in the comfort of your own home, download a Youtube video on the subject by typing "makeup tutorial" in the search box.

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    A good foundation is the key - try Estee Lauder Double Wear light with SPF10: it goes on light and doesn't look cakey.

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    During the day, you probably don't need dramatic color on your lips. Use a tinted lip balm instead, to give your lips color and all-day moisture.

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    Buy lipstain. It can double as blush, and holds its color far longer than traditional lipstick.

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    When contouring, stand directly below a light source, so you can see where the light falls and where the shadows are cast.

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    Apply a cream blush under your foundation for a more natural glow.

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    Use cool-toned lipsticks to make your teeth appear whiter. Conversely, warm-toned lipsticks will make your teeth appear more yellow.

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    Apply lip liner under your lipstick for longer staying power and to add depth.

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    Cant reach that last bit of lipstick in the tube? Transfer it to a separate container and add a little petroleum jelly to make it into a lip gloss.

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    Use your ring finger when applying products on the face, as it is the most gentle out of all the fingers.

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    Take it from a guy, Ladies; Less is almost always better when it comes to wearing makeup. Most guys dont like a girl with tons of makeup on.

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    Use a lighter foundation on your forehead, chin, cheeks and nose, and a darker shade on the sides of the forehead and jaw line to create depth.

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    Apply moisturizer with the same brush youll use for foundation. This acts like a primer, binding the foundation to your skin for longer wear.

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    Use your fingers instead of brushes when applying creamy products. The heat from your fingers warms the product, making it easier to apply.

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    When doing a smokey eye look, apply creamy black kohl eyeliner as a base for your black eyeshadow to create a deeper, more intense black.

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    Hide acne marks with green-toned concealer to offset the reddish scars.

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    Having trouble finding the perfect lipstick shade? You can always mix the shades that you already have to create the perfect balance for you.

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    Wash your face regularly with warm water and a cleanser product. After washing, wash again briefly with cold water to close up your pores.

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    A dot of white shadow or pencil on the inside of the eye near the tear duct will make eyes look brighter.

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    Invest on good, tried and tested brands - it may be expensive but you only have one face in your lifetime - take good care of it while you still can.

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    Looking good in front of a camera is all about confidence. Practice posing in front of a mirror at home. If you think it looks good, it probably does.

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    Don't forget to spend time on your eyebrows - they frame your face.

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    The perfect lip color looks good on you when you aren't wearing any other makeup

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    Look authentic

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    When applying eye shadow set shadow with a great base; primer helps makeup last for hours (try Urban Decay's Primer Potion.)

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    Save dramatic liner and heavy lashes for evening wear; during daylight keep it fresh and modest.

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    Hygiene is key - change your make up brushes every 3 months to keep your make up looking fresh.

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    Do not always follow trends, go with what suits your complexion and your outfit.

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    Let your skin breathe and go make-up free for one day a week if you can!

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    Use a very pale eyeliner or eye shadow in the inside corners of your eyes (next to your nose) to open them up; you'll appear more alert.

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  • 33

    Apply nail varnish in thin layers, allowing each to dry thoroughly before the next coat. It will look smoother and last longer without chipping.

  • 34

    Use a shimmery light gold eye shadow on the top crease of your eye and outline the bottom lid as well.works well for a natural flirty look.

  • 35

    Buy a gold lipstick and apply it on top of any of your other lipstick colours to make them look softer.

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    BLEND, this is most important part of makeup.especially blend foundation onto neck, so you don't have a line between your face and your neck.

  • 37

    be aware of lighting. it can make or break your look. use natural light as much as possible when applying make-up.