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    Train yourself to finish what you have started. Finish one task before you start another.

    Joe Blah
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    Break down tasks into mini goals. Reward yourself when you achieve a short term goal.

    Joe Blah
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    Think of difficulties as challenges. A task may seem threatening, but think of it as a chance to do something new.

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    Diarize your successes, then look back after a few months and give yourself credit for what you've achieved.

    Joe Blah
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    If a task really does need doing, you'll make time for it!

    Joe Blah
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    Work backwards from goals to milestones to tasks. Make tasks that can be accomplished in a few hours or less.

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    Put a poster of your goals in a place you will see it every day. Move it every week so it doesn't start to blend in with your environment.

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    Use a site blocking app to limit access to time-draining sites. This helps you stay on focus, and fight the social media addiction.

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    Need motivation? Do something good for somebody else.

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    To maximize on motivation, lessen activation energy. To workout early in the AM, sleep in your workout clothes and keep your sneaks next to the bed.

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    If you're at the beginning of a huge task or project, it may be helpful to set incremental goals that can be achieved each day.

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    "Stay Hydrated" Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day. It helps the body function properly.

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    It's easy to lose sight of your end goal. Every time you do something, think about what you hope to achieve and how the task in hand may help.

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    Believe in yourself. Never quit and have faith that you will make up till the end.

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    Read quotes from brilliant people! Any good web search will do. These have really helped me better myself and separate important from wasteful. DO IT

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    Try anything as you are not living to lose anything.

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    Keep your eyes on the prize. In other words, stay focused on what you want to accomplish, not the steps you have to take to get there.

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    I have ADD- What helps me is: Make a list for 1 month. Break that into 4 weeks. Then 7 days.Then Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening. Cross stuff off. Repeat!

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    Look at others who are motivated and find out what drives them.

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    Be your own motivational speaker and congratulate yourself on accomplishments.

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    Maintain good posture to boost your mood. Hold your head up!

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    Ask yourself why you want to do something and really come up with a satisfying answer to help motivate you through the tough times.

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    After setting a challenging but attainable goal, you'll feel better after completing it. Stopping short due to half-assed effort is a downer.

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    The hardest part of any "big thing" often is starting. Tell yourself that today you'll start with the bare minimum but at least it will be a start.

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    Eat well during lunch and keep your portions lean. Having a large lunch often kills productivity during the afternoon.

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    Try to set goals for yourself at the start of each day and before you get into the office. Try thinking about them as you shower!

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    For day to day motivation. It helps to start off with a solid breakfast. For example I like to have toast, eggs, water and vitamins. Sometimes fruit.

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    Struggling to motivate yourself on a big project? Split it up into manageable chunks, and tick them off as you achieve them one by one.

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    Think of it as easy and it will come as easy.

  • 30

    You'll just have to break the task to small chunks to work on things.

  • 31

    Use your inner need for appreciation. Ask someone you respect to keep you accountable for your daily striving towards your objective.

  • 32

    Don't find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain (by Henry Ford)

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    Focus on the process and not on the goal.