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    Do the worst thing on your list first, then do five small tasks quickly.

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    Being organized does not take a lot of time and effort. In fact, once you're up to speed it saves you time as you know where everything is.

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    Use magnetic strips to hang tweezers, clippers, bobby pins, etc behind your bathroom's vanity door.

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    Block unneeded items before they cross your threshold. Borrow books from the library instead of buying. Turn down that free McDonald's toy.

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    Store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and and save yourself time hunting through piles for a match.

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    Doing one thing at a time is the fastest way to get multiple things done quickly. Multitasking creates distractions.

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    Tell yourself you'll just do that dreaded task for 20 minutes. Bet you a Snickers bar you'll carry on once you've started!

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    Use IKEA's low cost storage boxes to create organization kits: one for paying bills, one for DIY jobs, one for cleaning and one for sewing jobs.

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    If you have dirty shoes to pack in your suitcase put them in a shower cap, available in most hotels!

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    Minimize distractions. At work that may mean closing your email, chat client, even turning the Internet connection off.

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    Use an app like Evernote that is accessible on all your electronic devices to store files and clippings and even photos from your smart phone.

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    If you have something that you dread doing, do it first to get it out of the way. This makes the next task seem easier.

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    Being organized let's the energy flow through your room/work space. Throw away as many old documents/clutter as possible. Let go.

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    In newer browsers you can "pin" open window tabs that you visit a lot such as Gmail. This shrinks the tab and persists it between browser sessions.

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    Where do I start with my startup idea? start by telling others and getting clarity to your idea with feedback - find what sticks and build on it.

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    Use a tension rod/shower curtain bar in the pantry or cupboard to hang spray bottles of cleaning supplies. A string or rope works well too.

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    When cleaning up a huge mess, put like things together. Then you'll know what sizes and types of containers to use.

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    Set alarms on your phone or wristwatch to remind you of things you shouldn't miss.

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    Send yourself emails via your phone when you want to remember something while youre on the go.

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    Synchronize your computer and mobile phone calendars to avoid double bookings, and to ensure you always know where you should be, and when.

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    If you are out and about and you receive a note with a telephone number or see a sign or flyer that you want to keep, photograph it with your phone.