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    A bad mood is the second most common relapse reason. Use fresh air, a friend, a smile or exercise to improve your mood.

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    Be prepared for peak craving times with coping strategies and distractions. Try texting a friend to keep your hands busy.

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    What do you spend on cigarettes per week? Multiply this figure by 52 for your annual savings, and look forward to a Florida vacation on the proceeds.

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    Certain places and situations will be trigger factors: try to change your routines until the initial temptations have passed.

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    10 minutes of activity (eg walking up the stairs) during your work break means you get a workout AND resist temptation!

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    When you want to smoke, find something to do for 5 minutes. Many times, the urge will go away for a while, helping you to cut back.

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    Find your own reasons to quit. Don't let other people talk you into it find a real, personal reason to quit.

    Beth L
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    Find someone to tell you OFTEN that they are glad you aren't smoking. If you're a social person this helps A LOT.

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    Have supports in place. Medication, patches, breathing exercises and gum are all aids to lean on when cravings are bad.

    Beth L
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    Tell the whole world that you decided to quit smoking. Post it on Facebook & Twitter. It can motivate you because you don't wanna betray yourself.

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    Cigarettes are not your dear friend. You will not die without them. Just take a break for a solid year and then decide if you want to smoke again.

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    Going cold turkey rarely works, moderate down and replace a craving or two with something else.

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    A motivator to quit smoking: To the world you are 1 person, but to 1 person you are the world.

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    When you do your spring cleaning, make sure to get rid of all the ashtrays so they don't remind you of smoking.

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    Try to avoid all those situations and gatherings that put social pressure on you to light up a cigarette.

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    Talk to someone else who has quit. A support group provides encouragement and people who really understand what you're going through.

    Beth L
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    Look into behavior modification. Counseling or self-help books will help you learn why you smoke and how to change it.

    Beth L