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    These days many people use LinkedIn.com as their professional networking and showcasing hub. Sign up and create your professional profile.

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    Do not use "I" or "me"

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    Make sure your Facebook profile is set to private so employers don't snoop through your photos.

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    Put good keywords, usually nouns, in your resume so that employers searching through a database will find yours.

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    Calibri is a very good, readable font choice for a resume. It is available for free in the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack on www.microsoft.com

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    To get your resume past the initial round of HR screening, try to match the same keywords used in the job description. Also keep your resume brief.

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    Stand out from the crowd by adding a QR code to your resume that can be quickly scanned and used to fetch more information about you online.

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    Don't forget to tweak the design of your resume. In a list of hundreds it will help set it apart.

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    For those who create such as software engineers and designers, your portfolio of work that you present to employers is the core of your resume.

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    Accompany your resume with a cover letter that speaks specifically about the position. It shows genuine interest in getting the job.

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    Your resume should be written with the understanding that it's supposed to get you an interview and not the job itself. The interview is for the job.

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    Try to list your achievements instead of your responsibilities in past positions. Simply listing past responsibilities is boring and does not sell.

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    If you have hard numbers and facts related to your past achievements it's good to type them out in your resume.

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    Try to follow the rule of one resume plus one cover letter per employer. This forces you to tailor each application and it improves your chances.

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    Convert your resume to Adobe PDF form or print it on high quality paper. Avoid sending your resume in MS Word form unless required.

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    While keeping it within the realm of your actual responsibilities and achievements, word your job titles as if telling a story of your career.

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    Even menial jobs these days require a degree of technical knowledge. If the job you're looking at uses Excel for example, write it in if you know it.

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    If a job posting lists specific requirements and you have the experience, try to match each point in the job posting somewhere in your resume.

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    If you've worked for the same company for 10+ years separate out your positions so that employers can see your internal job progression clearly.

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    While keeping it relatively brief, include interests and past activities on your resume to help the reviewer figure out an overall image of you.

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    Having an elite school on your resume indicates that you most likely are intelligent. Having a high GPA on your resume indicates that you work hard.

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    Cater your resume to the job description!

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    Don't put generic job titles such as "Accountant" as employers may quickly discard your resume if they're only glancing at your titles.

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    You do not need to list all of your past positions and experiences, especially if they are not relevant to the position you're applying to.

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    Have a second person review your resume before you send it off.

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    Provided all the necessary information is there, the shorter your resume, the better.

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    Avoid listing career objectives and summary information. Most employers don't care about your objectives, they care about theirs.

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    Sign up on Linked In.

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    For all recent graduates, always list recent employment first and education last.

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    Tweak your resume depending on the company and industry to which you are applying. People often hire by like and likeness.

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    Don't put photos on your resume unless you're required to.

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    Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible.

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    Use a lot of action verbs in your resume when describing the work that you have done.

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    Multiple resumes may be necessary depending on the position you're seeking. Always tailor your resume to that position.

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    Have multiple people - preferably other professionals - review your resume before sending it to any companies.

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    Be truthful. You already have a lot of really great things to say about yourself that will interest employers.