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    Connect with nature - going out into the garden, countryside or park lowers blood pressure and elevates your mood.

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    Camomile flowers contain a mild, natural sedative. Try one of Lipton Tea's caffeine-free herbal varieties at bedtime.

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    Feel less overwhelmed by taking control. Make that difficult call and deal with a situation to reduce its impact on you.

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    The stress hormone cortisol leads to abdominal fat production, so include massage and meditation as part of your weight loss regime.

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    Be careful about drinking when you're stressed out as it usually only delays the problems and can even make things worse. Fix first then drink.

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    Cooking can be relaxing and therapeutic.

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    The Californian Flower Essence Zinnia promotes light heartedness and a sense of fun. Try it as a stress-buster!

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    Stress is cumulative. If you are reacting rather than responding, you are becoming stressed. Pay attention to that signal and learn to listen.

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    Try listening to some music while you drive or work and sing along or dance to your favorites!

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    Try smiling every once and a while.

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    Activities that give you a sense of mastery, such as a good hobby, can help you feel better and return you to a normal psychological state.

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    Take quick, periodic breaks while you work. It helps you process and absorb new information while also making you more efficient.

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    Do some aerobic exercises such as running.

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    Keep in mind the big picture and try not to stress out about little things.

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    Relax for 10 minutes with good posture and light meditation and try to think of a good strategy to tackle that which is stressing you.

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    If coworkers are stressing you out try to detach yourself from the situation for a moment and come back refocused on what's best for the company.

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    If you're really stressed avoid working out. You'll get tired sooner and your workout won't be as effective. Do a morning or light workout instead.

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    If you live in the States and need to talk to someone about depression or suicide, call 211. Its ok to seek help!

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    Oxytocin is a chemical that makes you empathize with people and feel better about yourself. A sure way for your brain to release it is to hug others.

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    Whenever a worry comes rushing into your mind, breath, it will help you relax, take you back to the present and release all the tensions.

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    Sit back and relax when you're in heavy traffic. Don't tail the person directly in front of you too closely.

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    If you've had a long stressful day try taking a hot shower before going to sleep to help you calm down and relax yourself.

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    Hang out with some friends or a loved one, even if it's just watching television.

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    Stress and self-confidence are inter-connected. Focus on your strengths and how they will help you to achieve the task or issue in hand.

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    Be grateful for what you DO have instead of wanting more. Live for today and the present moment, yesterday and tomorrow do not exist.

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    Do YOU. Don't compare yourself to others and place too much value on the possessions you desire or own.

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    Work on your emotional intelligence and self awareness to help mitigate stressful things now and in the future.

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    Breathe deeply with your Stomach rather than with your chest. It will send more O2 to your cells and in turn relax your whole body.

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    Try meditation to calm the nerves. Find a quiet spot and focus your mind by concentrating on your breathing, or visualizing a colored square.

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    Mindfulness meditation, just 10 minutes per day!

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    When you're feeling stressed, start to write down key-words or the thoughts that are bothering you..keep on writing till you feel satisfied and calm!

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    To-Do list too long? Reach for the Done list. Give yourself a gold star for everything you finish each day that you are proud of.

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    If you feel overwhelmed by a task, don't hyper focus on how much needs to get done and just start a piece of it.

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    Something completely annoys/stresses you, stop, close eyes, breathe from stomach and focus completely on multiplying two 4 digit numbers in your head

  • 35

    Right down what you are stressed out about or what needs to be done. Start working through the list and dealing with each item one at a time.

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    Go out and grab yourself a coloring book, or print some out. Coloring is an excellent way to relieve stress. Search: "Mandala coloring pages".

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    Workouts are known to help you overcome stress. Try lifting some weights, hit the gym, hit a punching bag, etc. Release ur anger

  • 38

    If you're stressing over someone or a break up, focus on that person's flaws and try to not think of good memories.

  • 39

    Your mind is running from the time you get up to go to bed, clear your mind and think of nothing for an hour or as long as you have.