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    Put dry ice at the bottom of your cooler to prevent the rest of your ice from melting.

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    Buy a tin foil pan if you need to bring a lot of food or meat. When you're done it can be simply thrown out instead of cleaned.

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    Do something to uniquely identify your drink so others don't drink it: partially crush your beer can, have an odd color cup, use a marker, etc.

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    Always have an easy to set up canopy available in case it rains or it gets too hot.

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    Don't forget to bring trash bags and Purell hand sanitizer.

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    Bring toilet paper.

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    Use frozen bottled water and ice instead of all ice in your cooler. It'll act as ice yet you can also drink it!

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    Have everyone bring their own beer and meat if you don't know their tastes. Make sure they bring extra for others.

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  • 9

    Try to get to the same spot every tailgate so people know where you are. Also a canopy helps others find you.

  • 10

    Delegate duties to other people tailgating with you.

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    The beanbag game "Cornhole" is really fun when tailgating.

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    Bring as much beer as you can possibly drink yourself then add a bit more in case others show up.

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    Koozies work great in keeping your beer cold. Use a unique color or design to help distinguish your drink from others.

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    If you have a keg and don't have a big cooler to put it in, use a white trash bag to reflect the sun's rays from heating it. Also use ice.

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    Use ziplock bags to keep things dry in the rain.

  • 16

    Use an old tool box to store your utensils.

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  • 17

    If you tailgate often it's good to develop a checklist. Don't forget the tickets!

  • 18

    If you're bringing bottled beer don't forget the opener.

  • 19

    Wear the team colors and if you have it bring the team flag to put on your car or a pole.

  • 20

    Tailgating in parking lots or in places where you can't see the venue isn't as fun.

  • 21

    Double check the venue's rules about charcoal grills as they may only allow propane gas grills.

  • 22

    Bring mostly finger foods to keep things easy.

  • 23

    If you're new to tailgating walk around the tailgate area before the game and take notes on the good tailgate parties.

  • 24

    Create a playlist for the day of the event to play on your phone and a set of speakers. Pandora also works.

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    If you don't have tickets to the event and can watch it on TV, go tailgating anyways and bring a generator and TV!

  • 26

    If you don't have a generator you can buy a power converter to plug into your car. Remember to bring jumper cables too.

  • 27

    IsItDoneYet.gov offers advice and recommendations for judging when various meats are finished cooking.

  • 28

    Hot cider, hot chocolate, a little Baileys Irish Cream all go a long way in keeping you warm in the cold.

  • 29

    Bring a bit of styrofoam padding for your feet during cold weather events.

  • 30

    Try to do most of the prep work before leaving. Examples include making the burgers and marinating the meat.

  • 31

    While getting blitzed before an event can be fun, make sure to designate a driver and don't over do it so much that you don't remember the event.

  • 32

    Bring some sweet beach chairs!

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  • 33

    When doing a beer bong, put a shot or two of liquor in it. You won't taste it and you'll get smashed real fast.

  • 34

    Buy a lock bracket from home depot and install it on your cooler. Then you don't have to worry about people stealing your beer if you have to leave.