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    Your students may not want to admit that they don't understand. Ask whether you've made your explanation clear instead, to take the pressure off them.

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    Outdoor learning enhances fact retention. The more senses you use, the more you'll remember.

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    Imagine that a new student has just come in. Can your class explain to them the concept you've just shared?

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    Share what you know with other teachers. If you're passionate about teaching, you'll want everyone to make use of the great information you have.

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    Use social networking such as Twitter; it's a great source of support for new teachers.

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    Change up how you teach. Meaning teach in a visual, audio and hands on ways. When a student figures out how they learn they will start doing better.

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    TeachersPayTeachers.com is a reputable source for lesson plans, activities, exams, worksheets, quizzes and more for grades K-12 and higher.

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    Not every student will be interested every minute. Try changing your tone of voice, moving around the room, and switching from lecturing occasionally.

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    Take tips from cutting edge and effective teaching programs such as the excellent and online-video-based Khan Academy.

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    Those who see value in the subject often want to learn it the most. It is a teacher's responsibility to help show their students the subject's value.

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    "Great teachers must develop a special kind of empathy with the plight of the learner who struggles." Robert John Meehan

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    Create a stock of emergency lesson plans for cases where a substitute teacher will have to fill in for you.

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    Make homework count. Don't give homework as punishment or just because. There must be good reason for it.

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    Be specific with your praise to students. Do not say Very Good, or Well done!

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    Use simple and positive language in the class.

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    Have a high standard for 'answers' in class. Almost does not cut it. Answers in class =complete and accurate.

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    Myth: Most discipline problems happen when kids are moving around in groups. Fact: Most discipline issues happen when kids are sitting around all day!

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    Use image-rich powerpoint presentations, not 'death by powerpoint' presentations that lull students to sleep.

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    Try to improve your story-telling skills.

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    Connect your content/lessons to students' everyday life. Relevance matters.

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    Have a classroom blog. Sync the blog with a public Google calendar for your class to see.

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    "Teach children how to think, not what to think" ~ Richard Dawkins

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    Always have your kids parents as your allies. Home and school collaboration is a must to guide kids towards success.

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    It is important that you are well aware of your audience's prior knowledge on the intended subject so that you can pick a point and take them forward

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    Generally, the reason students don't understand is because they don't listen to.Always start with a question to get them focus at the beginning.

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    A laser pointer is a good tool for teaching when you are presenting material to the class.