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    Be sure to read up on the latest tooth whitening methods before beginning. One excellent source for this is Wikipedia's "Tooth bleaching" article.

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    Malic acid is a natural tooth whitener that exists in fruits such as strawberries. Crush some berries and apply the pulp to your teeth for 5 minutes.

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    The basics matter. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least daily and use mouthwash containing fluoride.

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    Look for products containing peroxide. This is the key ingredient used to make your teeth white. It's safe although it can cause temporary sensitivity

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    If you have a crown or visible filling it's possible that trying to whiten your teeth will only make the crown/filling look darker so be wary!

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    Dental trays and teeth strips that recommend 20 minutes or more per application, with high peroxide levels, are considered the most effective methods.

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    Baking soda if used gently and lightly is an abrasive teeth whitener that you can use (sparingly) with a soft tooth brush to help whiten your teeth.

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    Natural charcoal (not BBQ) contains carbon which can help dramatically brighten your teeth in a natural way if applied before brushing.

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    If you dont have access to a toothbrush try eating an apple, carrot or piece of celery. The crispy foods clean your teeth.

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    Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt can help your teeth regain lost minerals and strength.

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    Plaque feeds on regular sugar but cant digest xylitol. Therefore if you chew gum, chew gum that contains xylitol to prevent plaque buildup.

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    Coffee, tea, red wine and smoke stain your teeth the worst. It's good to rinse your mouth with water after drinking these items or smoking.

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    Obvious but sometimes a reminder is good: regularly visiting the dentist for a cleaning helps keep your teeth white.

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    If you find your teeth get sensitive, try stopping for two or three days to let your teeth rest and adjust.

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    According to the Cleveland Clinic, whitening toothpastes lighten your teeth by one shade where as various dentist treatments lighten by 3 - 8 shades.

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    If you're using tooth whitening toothpaste don't forget to also use tooth whitening dental floss.

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    Rub the inside of an orange peel (white part) on your teeth before brushing your teeth. Repeat for at least a week to get results.

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    Different whitening techniques are needed if your teeth are slightly gray versus yellow, as gray stains are not surface stains.

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    Avoid brushing your teeth up to 30 minutes before using any trays or strips to help reduce irritation/sensitivity.

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    You can remove plaque stains between your teeth by gently using a piece of metal to scrape it off. Be careful! This is not what the dentist would do.

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    Look for whitening products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance when shopping. Colgate and Crest both have safe, ADA sealed whitening products.

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    To maintain the whiteness of your teeth drink beverages like coke with a pipette and make sure you brush your teeth after drinking coffee or tea

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    If your gums bleed, take Vitamin C. One of the first symptoms of scurvy is bleeding gums. 30-40% of Americans don't get enough Vitamin C.

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    Listerine whitening mouth wash.. Followed by a good whitening tooth paste. Brush with the perfect amount of pressure in a circular motion!

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    New research shows that products with CPP-ACP, or milk casein, aid to the remineralization process to both whiten and strengthen teeth.