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    The color of a car will affect its price - unusual colors like yellow or mauve will be cheaper.

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    Make sure that the Vehicle ID Number (VIN) matches on all parts of the car, to be certain that it hasn't been pieced together from different vehicles.

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    Don't be afraid to walk away if it's not exactly what you want. There will always be another car, another deal.

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    Do your homework first. Check out the Kelley Blue Book for the model's market value and that insurance and running costs are within your budget.

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    A CARFAX Vehicle History report will tell you if a car has been previously wrecked, salvaged or part of an odometer fraud.

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    Rent the car you are considering to buy beforehand for a few days to test it out thoroughly.

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    Shop. Contact a dealer, ask for the best price for car X. Then contact another dealer, see if they can beat the first price. Repeat again and again.

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    Use the Internet to research before you start shopping. Knowledge is power when it comes to buying a car at a fair price.

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    Don't give into pressure. Walk away from any deal or salesperson you don't like or else you'll risk overpaying.

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    Research the numbers. Look at the original invoice price for the car, the sticker price, etc. Also calculate your maximum budget.

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    Start low and increase your offer in small increments.

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    Stay on alert after you've negotiated a price for any additional items that may creep into the overall price such as fees and interest.

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    If a dealer asks you for a price, watch out for the "up to" response. Example, you say $350/month and the dealer responds, "$350.. up to?"

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    Be aware at car dealerships most salespeople stick with you out of fear of their boss yelling at them.

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    Craigslist often has better deals for the same cars than used car dealerships.

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    Wash the car you're about to buy. You'll learn a lot about it.

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    Do your research, completely inspect the car. Make sure all the lights work, AC & heat, take it for a test drive. Don't low ball too much.

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    If you buy a used car from Craigslist take to get inspected. You will be shelling out some $$ to do so but you will know exactly what you're getting.