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    Use a plastic straw heat sealed at both ends as a lightweight, waterproof way of bringing spices camping or on a picnic etc.

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    To help ease a sore throat try gargling warm salt water.

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    Mimicking the body language of the person your talking too subconsciously makes them more receptive too you.

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    Avoid cramps while running by inhaling when your left foot hits, and exhaling when your right foot hits. Use a 3 or 4 count between breaths.

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    Always look up before bedding down for the night. Avoid sleeping under dead looking branches. They're called widow makers for a reason.

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    Want to know if a person is into you? Look at their feet. If they are pointed away from you they aren't interested in the conversation and vice versa.

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    When you want to smoke, find something to do for 5 minutes. Many times, the urge will go away for a while, helping you to cut back.

    Quit Smoking
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    If you live in the States and need to talk to someone about depression or suicide, call 211. Its ok to seek help!

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    Put a poster of your goals in a place you will see it every day. Move it every week so it doesn't start to blend in with your environment.

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    Take it from a guy, Ladies; Less is almost always better when it comes to wearing makeup. Most guys dont like a girl with tons of makeup on.

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    Oxytocin is a chemical that makes you empathize with people and feel better about yourself. A sure way for your brain to release it is to hug others.

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    While getting blitzed before an event can be fun, make sure to designate a driver and don't over do it so much that you don't remember the event.

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    Don't dwell on a problem if your stuck. Do something else for a while and come back to it later with a fresh perspective.

    Time Saving
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    Use a tension rod/shower curtain bar in the pantry or cupboard to hang spray bottles of cleaning supplies. A string or rope works well too.

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    Plug your entertainment center and computer gear into a power strip so you can turn everything off when your not using it. No more energy vampires.

    Energy Saving
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    While showing up early is good, showing up too early can make it seem like you don't respect the interviewer's time. 15 mins early max is acceptable.

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    Reduce your words! If you can get the same point across with half the words you will sound more concise and present a better essay.

    College Essay
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    Cotton balls or dryer lint coated in wax makes a great waterproof fire starter.

  • 19

    Stay observant when in the woods. Everything looks the same after a while and its all too easy to get lost. Leave markers if you have too.

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    Try and look for a natural shelter to build upon, rather than wasting energy on building one from scratch.

  • 21

    Practice your speech out on friends and family beforehand if possible. They can give you feedback and you can gauge how it will be received publicly.

    Public Speaking
  • 22

    A cool down can be more important than a warm up.

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    Keep a spray bottle of water nearby when using charcoal to control flare ups. Keep a spray bottle of beer if you want to add a little flavor as well.

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    Switch from paper air filters to the ones you can clean yourself and Save $ on replacements. Clean them often so your AC doesn't have to work as hard.

    Energy Saving
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    A ceiling fan on low cost about $7 a month to run constantly so turn them off when not in the room.

    Energy Saving
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    Breathe deeply with your Stomach rather than with your chest. It will send more O2 to your cells and in turn relax your whole body.

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    As a web surfer, the first thing i do if a splash screen pops up is LEAVE the web site im on. Don't use them if you want people to stay on your site.

    Web Design
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    Video playlists are great but auto-play isn't. I want time to read comments and the option to play the next video myself.

    Web Design