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    Make eye contact and be yourself. You can't keep up a false persona for ever.

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    Have the equivalent of three months' worth of wages in a savings account that you can access easily in an emergency.

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    Feel less overwhelmed by taking control. Make that difficult call and deal with a situation to reduce its impact on you.

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    Think of difficulties as challenges. A task may seem threatening, but think of it as a chance to do something new.

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    Put away that Blackberry! What could be more of a turn off than someone who is constantly texting their friends during a date?

    First Date
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    Don't be afraid to walk away if it's not exactly what you want. There will always be another car, another deal.

    Used Car Buying
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    Don't get stuck in a makeup rut. We all know people who looked great in their heyday but haven't moved on to a more up-to-date style.

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    Be sure to read up on the latest tooth whitening methods before beginning. One excellent source for this is Wikipedia's "Tooth bleaching" article.

    Teeth Whitening
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    If you find your teeth get sensitive, try stopping for two or three days to let your teeth rest and adjust.

    Teeth Whitening
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    According to the Cleveland Clinic, whitening toothpastes lighten your teeth by one shade where as various dentist treatments lighten by 3 - 8 shades.

    Teeth Whitening
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    If you're using tooth whitening toothpaste don't forget to also use tooth whitening dental floss.

    Teeth Whitening