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    Split large forms into wizard form with steps and clear labeling. This tip can be taken into larger context under the idea of "progressive disclosure"

    Web Design
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    Most users scan web page content versus reading everything on the page so make sure your page is scannable. Contrast in type helps.

    Web Design
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    The brightest star in the Little Dipper is the North Star. It's located at the end of the Dipper's handle.

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    Studies have shown that Prickly Pear Cactus extract can significantly help reduce hangover symptoms such as nausea.

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    The real key to wilderness survival is staying healthy.

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    Pine needles are edible and nutritious, high in Vitamin C.

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    Try "Intervention" hangover recovery formula. A drink specifically for hangover recovery. They have a website at www.drinkintervention.com

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    Wheat seeds from the head of wheat grass/spikes can be eaten and are nutritional.

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    Bring a survival knife with you anytime you plan on going out into the wild, no matter how long.

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    A fire striker, high-carbon steel, and flint, are the best tools for starting a fire under any circumstance. A popular brand is the Swedish FireSteel.

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    If you lack basic survival gear, find a sheltered, dry area that you can dig in and make yourself a firebed using hot coals, dirt and pine needles.

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    Common wood sorrel (shamrock) can be eaten in salad form or used in a soup or stew. It's found in the northern woods of the United States and Canada.

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    Grasshoppers can be found in tall grass areas and are excellent sources of survival food. High in protein and fat.

  • 14

    Don't overwork yourself and start to sweat in cold weather, otherwise you'll get cold and risk hypothermia.

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    Add on-page hints and calls to action for users to notice and perform in order to help them achieve their goals.

    Web Design
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    When you write, try to focus on topics you know well, and write as though you are having a conversation with one other person.

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    Get feedback on your designs using sites like FeedbackRoulette.com UsabilityHub.com, UserTesting.com and Usabilla.com

    Web Design
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    Split your global CSS file in two if it contains a lot of big data URI's. One for styles, the other for data URI's. Aggressively cache data URI's.

    Web Design
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    Avoid CAPTCHAs at all costs. There are alternative solutions out there, such as the Honeypot Trap or math questions, which can block 99.9% of spam.

    Web Design
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    What to do if you have writer's block: Write the topic down and a list of sub-topics to help get you started.

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    Use a timer on your thermostat, and set it to turn the heating down a few degrees when everyone will be out of the house.

    Energy Saving