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    Drink water while you drink or at minimum shortly thereafter before you go to sleep.

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    These days many people use LinkedIn.com as their professional networking and showcasing hub. Sign up and create your professional profile.

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    Pile on the good foods like fruits and vegetables. Eventually you'll dislike and replace the bad.

    Weight Loss
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    Use a juicer to improve your overall health including your skin tone. Throw in lots of vegetables and fruits. There are plenty of recipes online.

    Weight Loss
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    Take Omega-3 vitamins and antioxidant vitamins before you go to sleep or right after you wake up.

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    Be careful to avoid investing in stocks based on like or dislike of the company. Deciding to invest is harder than deciding to like or dislike.

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    Share the responsibility. Make sure you're not the only member of your household concerned about your budget.

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    Be tolerant of all mistakes the first time, but don't allow the same mistake twice.

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    Keep everything and do everything in moderation. That includes eating, drinking, exercising, relaxing, sleeping, socializing, working, etc.

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    Beautify your URL's to assist in search engine optimization and to improve navigation clarity.

    Web Design
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    Investors armed with basic investment principles, well-defined goals, and a reasonable self-awareness increase the likelihood of investment success.

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    Don't forget to tweak the design of your resume. In a list of hundreds it will help set it apart.

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    For those who create such as software engineers and designers, your portfolio of work that you present to employers is the core of your resume.

  • 14

    Try to follow the rule of one resume plus one cover letter per employer. This forces you to tailor each application and it improves your chances.

  • 15

    Cut bad habits like smoking and drinking.

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    If you're hungover and wake up early in the morning force yourself to get up and have some water before falling back asleep. You won't regret it.

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    3 Words: 5 Hour Energy.

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    Use cash. Take out enough to last one week at a time. Make up your mind that the cash you have is all you get for discretionary expenses each week.

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    While keeping it relatively brief, include interests and past activities on your resume to help the reviewer figure out an overall image of you.

  • 20

    Shop. Contact a dealer, ask for the best price for car X. Then contact another dealer, see if they can beat the first price. Repeat again and again.

    Used Car Buying
  • 21

    Drink a lot of ice/cold water daily. It will help you trim extra calories each day because your body will expend energy warming the water.

    Weight Loss
  • 22

    Wash your face regularly with warm water and a cleanser product. After washing, wash again briefly with cold water to close up your pores.

  • 23

    In newer browsers you can "pin" open window tabs that you visit a lot such as Gmail. This shrinks the tab and persists it between browser sessions.

  • 24

    Determine the amount of your budget that you can afford to save each month. Have it direct-deposited to your savings account.

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    Pack light and right. You'll never meet a traveler who, after five trips, brags: "Every year I pack heavier."

  • 26

    Drive to and from work in your own car. Listen to music on your way. Cruise on the highway if possible. And drink caffeine on the ride in.

  • 27

    Think outside-in over inside-out. Not what we (the company) needs from the user but what the user needs to do to accomplish their task. Make it easy!

    Web Design
  • 28

    For design inspiration follow the work of other designers in magazines and on websites such as Dribbble.com.

    Web Design
  • 29

    If you've had a long stressful day try taking a hot shower before going to sleep to help you calm down and relax yourself.

  • 30

    Try to sweat once a day to regenerate your skin.

  • 31

    If you are new to web design or are looking to save time recreating common UI elements have a look at Bootstrap from Twitter.

    Web Design
  • 32

    Start low and increase your offer in small increments.

    Used Car Buying
  • 33

    Stay on alert after you've negotiated a price for any additional items that may creep into the overall price such as fees and interest.

    Used Car Buying
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    TeachersPayTeachers.com is a reputable source for lesson plans, activities, exams, worksheets, quizzes and more for grades K-12 and higher.

  • 35

    To hit high out of a sand trap next to a green, open you club face, rotate your stance, and aim 2 inches before the ball.

  • 36

    If you swing hard with some of your clubs, for example your driver, put your back foot back about 3 inches and play the power draw for a straight shot

  • 37

    A good starting point towards responsive images is the CSS max-width: 100%;

    Web Design
  • 38

    When using @media queries in responsive design, use min-width instead of max-width and design for mobile first in case the @media tag is unsupported.

    Web Design
  • 39

    Don't use generic @media breakpoints like 1024px in responsive design. Instead use break points that align strongly with your content.

    Web Design
  • 40

    Identify your accomplishments before you go on an interview.

  • 41

    Identify your needs and match them to the needs of an employer.

  • 42

    Dress in a manner that your position calls for.

  • 43

    Foods that contain more fiber are better than white bread, as fiber helps in burning calories and in digesting food.

    Weight Loss
  • 44

    Table grid lines should be minimized.

    Web Design
  • 45

    If your 401k loses value over the year but you're still young, don't fret, it's a long term investment. If anything you want the market going down.

  • 46

    Never cease learning. If you have decided that your current skills are good enough, you have also decided that your current job is good enough.

  • 47

    Most people hire others based on whether they like a person and by whether the person is like them. Like and likeness.

  • 48

    Drink fresh water and as much water as you can. Water flushes unwanted toxins from your body and keeps your brain sharp.

  • 49

    Practice yoga so you can remain active in physical sports as you age.

  • 50

    The best place to set up a snare is across a well-traveled small game path. You can find these paths nearby rivers and water sources.