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    A "cold" cover letter can help you get a job that may otherwise not exist. If you see a company with a need then send out a cold cover letter.

    Cover Letter
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    Try to keep each line in the cover letter short, long running horizontal lines can become difficult to read.

    Cover Letter
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    Ask yourself why you should be called in for an interview for this job and try to answer that in your cover letter.

    Cover Letter
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    Have someone else review you letter for grammar, tone and spelling.

    Cover Letter
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    The right tone for a cover letter is businesslike, friendly and enthusiastic.

    Cover Letter
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    If you commit to something in your cover letter, such as following up in a couple days about the position, make sure you do it.

    Cover Letter
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    Keep in mind that while writing a cover letter may be a pain, you will only get better at it over time.

    Cover Letter
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    Get a pet cat or dog. Having a pet lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke.

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    The basics matter. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least daily and use mouthwash containing fluoride.

    Teeth Whitening
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    If you dont have access to a toothbrush try eating an apple, carrot or piece of celery. The crispy foods clean your teeth.

    Teeth Whitening
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    Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt can help your teeth regain lost minerals and strength.

    Teeth Whitening
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    Use facial products with humectants as they absorb and retain moisture. Apply products to your face then immediately mist your face with water.

    Wrinkle Removal