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    Work out with a friend - you're less likely to cancel or cut corners.

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    Laptops use 70% less energy than desktop computers

    Energy Saving
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    Wear the right clothes. Check ahead on the dress code at a course you're playing to avoid last-minute, expensive purchases from the pro shop.

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    Stay focused on the title and check back to make certain you're keeping to the subject.

    College Essay
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    10 minutes of activity (eg walking up the stairs) during your work break means you get a workout AND resist temptation!

    Quit Smoking
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    Work from home one day a week if possible. You could save around 2 hours a day in commuting time.

    Time Saving
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    You don't just have to burn calories in the gym. Get out the Hoover, or do some DIY

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    Eat a banana 15-60 minutes after a long workout to replenish your body with the banana's proteins, carbohydrates and potassium.